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Solomon grundy HULK Bizarro rhino Round 1 spelling bee

round 2 Fight in football field

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@chromebug: depends which version of each character.

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hulk savage

Rhino in his prime i guess

Bizarro current

solomon grundy strongest incarnation

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Hulk stomps because we all know Hulk is SMARTEST THERE IS!

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Hulk- is going to get the word wrong halfway through throw a temper tantrum and start smashing sh*t.

Rhino- He'll just sit there with his finger up his nose.

Grundy- He'll just stare into emptiness and start drooling.

Bizarro- He may win the spelling bee.

Round 2 however.....

Its between Grundy strongest incarnation-----> "Team buster"<----- vs Current Bizarro which I know little of.

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Round one goes for hours until the moderator gives up and declares the first one who can spell "I" as the winner. Round 2 Grundy or Bizarro

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Rhino wins round 1. Whereas everyone else is literally half brain dead, he has average goon intelligence. So long as the words aren't too complex he wins.

Round 2... uhh... Grundy?

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Rhino's command of the English language is second to none!

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Rhino is the only one who can actually talk normally.

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For fun i will put round 3 Painting

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Rhino stomps, he can at least speak properly.

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i think grundy's strongest reincarnation has quite high level of intelligence. he stomps.

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Rhino once went through a scientific experiment that made him one of the most intelligent beings on the planet.

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Lol good thread Rhino wins but i don't know about second place

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I'll give it Grundy the first round because he was pretty cerebral at one point (Brad Meltzler's JLA run) and doesn't appear to be an idiot on the current Earth-2 either.

Round two however...gonna have to go with Bizarro, since he hasn't appeared yet in the New 52.

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@SpideyPresence said:

Lol good thread Rhino wins but i don't know about second place

Hulk looks humongous in this scan, anyways, Rhino wins first round. Bizarro or Grundy wins second round, and third round goes to Hulk... always imagined him as a decent artist.

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Rhino wins the first round. He could talk normally, and this is Savage Hulk not Professor Hulk, so he cannot talk normally

Bizarro would win the second round. No real explanation needed. Maybe Grundy though. Hulk is a maybe but Rhino is def. out in this battle.

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Isn't a certain version of the Hulk highly intelligent, another as smart as Banner, and another as smart the highly intelligent Hulk and has feats of others. If it's one of those he wins. Of course if Sentry is in the audience, Hulk will act like a 5-year-old and come in third.

Rhino isn't dumb so he wins or comes in second.

Bizarro can't talk right wheras Grundy can speak what he actually means so Grundy beats him.

Round 2, all I know is Rhino is out.

I put way too much thought into this.

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actually Rhino isn't a big misspeller

he wins

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Bizarro will lose because he is going to spell the word backwards . Rhino wins