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snake is inside the power generator room. 


his objective is to turn on the power generator (a giant magnet that spins really fast around metal coils that generate electricity) so that it can charge the battery of metal gear rex so that he can steal it. he is almost at the switch until he hears a door shut and clapping of foot steps. snake listens and it sounds like just one person... snake being as quite as possible, reaches out for his M9 low powered velocity but highly potent tranquilizer rounds. unlike traditional modern sidearms, the m9 needs to be cocked back manually per every shot. he has approximately 24 rounds, but that's just the tranquilizer rounds it self. he also has 10 "Sad" rounds,  5 "laughing" rounds and 5 "fear" rounds.
on his right side, he is equipped with a desert eagle 50 magnum with 14 rounds with another extra magazine. and a carbon coated survival/battle knife pocketed on his left chest side. not to mention, his utility belt that carries a little bit of everything...

"foot steps getting louder" -snake thinks to himself...

**placing his free hand into one of the pockets of his utility belt, snake reaches in for his trusty 24x36x24 box labeled, "Generator Room"**
not thinking for a moment that he'll be needing his bandanna for this event, he pulls out the box from his utility belt and snuggles right into it. "ahh, now all i do is wait..."



i smell a snake...    
**sniff sniff sniff**
"somethings in the air..." -logan speaks aloud, but faintly to be a whisper.

**sniff sniff**
"i smell a snake!" --logan raising his voice into a stern loud tone.

logan, a.k.a wolverine is a part of the new recruit foxhound members hired by revolver ocelot after the death of sniper wolf during shadow mosses. but unlike his female predecessor, logan doesn't hunt by long distances and sniping down his target... he sniffs them out and hunts them like a true feral animal... he hunts like the WOLVERINE!
before approaching towards the switch to the magnetic generator, logan sees a box laying 5... maybe 8 feet away from it. knowing his sense he approaches the box slowly and as the closer that he gets, he reads the print labeled on the box, printed as, "Generator Room". getting closer to around the corner he notices multiple boxes that say the same thing... all identical to the next... however, just about enough boxes to count with your two hands. using his keen senses, wolverine gets closer and more aware of the box releasing the heaviest odors... he readies himself,,,, claws extract! *viiishing*

the pounce is on



**swings!** **viiishing**

"WHAT THE!?" -logan exclaimed.

it was a box filled with snakes!!! 

"i've been had!" -logan yells

apparently, snake used a decoy box to cover his tracks... pretty smart move, he thinks... and just as wolverine yelled out, snake strikes like the snake he is! 

battle rules:
  • snake used 2 minute prep
  • logan is surprised
  • morals on
  • win through k.o, submission, sleep, or bfr

who wins?
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Loved that Cardboard box schtick. Great game.

Logan stomps. But fun idea.

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Logan would gut Snake. Lol @ story

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@Ramtha07 said:

Loved that Cardboard box schtick. Great game.

Logan stomps. But fun idea.

@Bucketz said:
Logan would gut Snake. Lol @ story

thank you guys for the inputs.
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lol, Nice set-up.  As much as I would like Snake to win, the Canucklehead takes it.  If only Snake used blades like his pa'.
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Wolverine will murder Snake and I don't even like Logan rawr!

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No, I'm pretty sure those tranquilizers will work on Wolverine, but that all depends if Snake is able to pull it off.

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You guys are crazy... Solid snake pwns him....

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As much as I love Snake, he stands absolutely no chance at all.

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@Lantern Prime said:

You guys are crazy... Solid snake pwns him....

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@Magethor said:

@Lantern Prime said:

You guys are crazy... Solid snake pwns him....