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Can Sodom Yat with ION and Thor with Rune Magic defeat Silver Surfer and Superman Prime ?

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Prime is highly resist to magic.

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Yeah, i think they can. Sodam is a good match for Norrin, but he wins in the in. He has superior Strength, and Durability. The fact is he has comparable EP, and in the end it'll come down to a physical matchup probably which he won't win. RT has more pure power than Prime, even the Gaurdian powered version. His resistance to magic means it'll come down to purely physical, RT has the Odinforce, Runes, he'd begun to master his own innate power, and in the end he had his hammer reforged stronger than ever. Prime is on the backropes by the time Ion finishes SS, and then he and RT finsih of the man-child.

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Silver Surfer would be a non factor to a Thor of this caliber. It can be argued Prime is resistant to magic, but can we argue that he wouldn't be affected by Magic of this proportion? Also I could see Thor pulling a quick Time stop, and dealing with Prime; thus defeating the Surfer in the latter ends of the battle.

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Rkt solos