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from my understanding slenderman is an unstoppable demon/creature, while joker and jeff are just psychotic murderers, they don't stand a chance.

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Joker could potentially win here. Joker venom works on New Gods so Slender might be doable.

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I'm not so sure...Slenderman is kinda unstoppable..

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@diredrill: Allow me to give you some of Slender-Man's attributes/ abilities:

Supreme Abilities:

  • Time/ Space Manipulator
  • Omnipresent
  • Nigh Reality Warping Powers
  • Hypnosis : Can have complete control over people to do as he pleases (Mind Control)
  • Abstract Entity : Supposedly un-damageable, untouchable
  • Slender Walking (Teleportation) : Able to appear/disappear at will instantly without any physical indication of doing so.
  • Most likely possesses more.

Lesser Abilities:

  • Endless expanding tendrils which can impale foes
  • Camouflage
  • Selective Visibility
  • Possible pyro-kinesis (Fire Control)
  • Most likely possesses more.

Joker isn't even peak human, he can beat Jeff but both pose no threat to Slender-Man. Even Superman cannot beat an entity such as this. So in conclusion Slender-Man would end this in a matter of seconds, or toy with them until he's bored. Either way Slender-Man wins...

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Interesting topic. Bump

Furthermore, as Jeff and Slenderman are both creepy pasta characters, and story's written by the community about them are cannon.


Jeff could take this...

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@wdc: Kind of late here, but they are not canon. Fanfiction, is what they are.

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This is cool, based on speculation Slenderman stomps based on feats and what most expect from any fictional character, Joker should win.