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Battle Throughout the 616 verse.

All Bloodlusted.

Skrull and Kree have everybody.

For the asgardians no being above odin is allowed.

No Odinforce.

Winner of this match up goes on to face the white and green martians from the DC Universe.

Who wins and goes on to the 2nd match up.

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Kree. A couple thousand Sentries would be tough to beat. Then add in thousands of star ships and Ronan/Mar-vell and I think they take it.

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@robertloucksjr: Do you mean this for both battles or just the first one?

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@robertloucksjr said:

Kree. A couple thousand Sentries would be tough to beat. Then add in thousands of star ships and Ronan/Mar-vell and I think they take it.

No....this isn't true, not all Kree are as strong as Mar-vell, Mar-vell himself gains his superhuman stats from Nage-Bounds...

Asgardians Stomps this.

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I know they are not. There are however billions of them and they are a warrior race with advanced weaponry.

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@RoyHarperBLOW: A big group f MMH types would be pretty much unbeatable.

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kree, advanced weaponery and probably more soldiers. a lot of kree die due to the magicians such as loki and amora though. the average asgardian is roughly much stronger than the average kree. (the average kree is twice as strong as humans right?)

the only notable people in asgard are odin( severely depowered), thor ( which whill kill many many kree), and the rest of the aesir. all other worthy people are denizens of other realms.

The kree gets mar- vell, genis, phy-lla, dorrek VII, Tsu-Zana, among others

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Would Destroyer and Kanilla be invited to the party?

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Loki, hela, destroyer, thor, enchantress, lorelei, tyr, vidar, balder, warriors, karnilla, freyja and a bunch of other immortal sorcerers and a depowered odin which is still low skyfather/trans level.. And add another couple thousand asgardians which usually have a ton of enchanted weapons and I say they take it in a stomp lol.. The average asgardian >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> average kree aswell.. But if we add bor, buri, cul and mimir its an even bigger stomp..

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Whoever wins the first round will lose the second round

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Asgard Clears

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I'm going with Asgard

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I would agree that the Asgardians pull off the win here, but to be honest, the only Skrulls that truly stand a chance to not being obliterated off the jump may be the Dire Wraiths (due to their extensive knowledge of Black Magic and sorcery). I don't think that would give them the win of course, but having such knowledge of the arcane arts should at least give them the option to conjure up some super powerful Demonlord to fight alongside them/on their behalf or to retreat via a mystical portal or something before they could be exterminated for attacking the Golden Realm.

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Asgardians win, too many heavy hitters such as Thor, Loki, Odin( who even without the odin force is still a skyfather and should be at least thor lvl strong), Heimdall who can lift 50 tons which is far beyond most krees, and many more. Thor can destroy entire planets with his blows so he could take down millions of kree or skrull warriors alone.

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The Kree are being underrated. If each Kree is given a universal weapon, I could see them stomping.

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Even without the odin force, Odin solos or Bor solos.... also Loki, Amora, The executioner, The whole Aesir, Thor, Beta Ray Bill (if he can count as part of Asgard), The warrior three and the army of Asgard would be more than enough...

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Skrulls - hands down, reason:

1. Rule the oldest empire in the Local Group of 50+ galaxies, an empire 10s of millions of years old.

2. Dominates the Andromeda Galaxy which has a diameter of 220,000 light years with a trillion stars (compared to the Kree dominated Larger Magellanic Cloud with diameter of 14,000 light years & 30 billion stars).

3. Shapeshifting race that can infiltrate practically any civilization without detection (including the Kree Empire).

4. Lifespans of 210 years (compared to the Kree 90 years).

5. Population for Skrulls given by Marvel Handbook was originally 25 billion - unknown if galactic-wide or throneworld only (compared to the Kree with 1.5 billion).

6. Have the mutant gene in their population, K-class Deviant Skrulls - in other words potential X-Men (see Cadre K team), in fact it is such a problem for them that there appears to be a Skrull mutant underground & Skrull purification operations - in alternate realities they may be widespread or dominant among Deviant Skrulls, also potential to continue evolving due that mutant gene (compared to the Kree whom have NO mutants & therefore no evolution potential).

7. Technology to copy or emulate abilities of super-powered beings, and give them to their super-soldiers known as Super-Skrulls with academies in several worlds, apparently 100s perhaps 1000s of Super-Skrulls (compared to the Kree's Accuser Corps - size of force unknown).

8. Created the Cosmic Cube (which the Kree or Shi'ar have NOT done).

9. FTL Spacecraft (just like the Kree).

10. Skrullian Eternals - existence of 1, maybe others survived in secret & definitely others in alternate realities (compared to the Kree whom also have only 1 Eternal).

11. Skrullian Pantheon of 2 Gods rule over 1000s of alien gods (sufficient to take on the Asgardian gods).

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That may be so, but remember that Odin WITH the Odinforce has proven himself a galaxy buster (it was stated that galaxies formed / seized to exist due to the outburst of power, futhermore he tok a race said to be "of a billion billion beings" (vastly outnumbering either the kree and skrulls) and combining them into a single being, (mangog) not to mention kill him a few times. Recently he has also demonstrated the power to savage the connection of realms (Thor&Lokis quest to find Angela), not to mention that after this feat Odin defeated all of the reamaining 8realms alone (no small feat). futher more, Thanos (with the infinity gauntlet placed Odin in the same rank as Galactus, and it has even been stated that Odin in his prime was on the same lvl as Galactus.) futher more, Odin right before the Odin-sleep (at his weakest) fought Galactus (although hungry, which is above starving) to a standstill. now, if you take away the Odin force, Odin would still be above 1/3 of this power lvl (as Odin is the most powerfull of his siblings, which in turn makes of the OF), which place him around Cul´s normal lvl´s, and still being able to easily take down entire planets at once ( as having 1/3 of a galaxy busting power at the very least should place you at this lvl).

and if the skrull and kree are allowed to use everything at their desposal, that means the asgardians should be alowed to do the same. This means they are allowed to use the destroyer armor, which Odin can place the life force of the entire race inside to make it able to tear off limbs of the Celestials. this would give Odin the ability to tap into power dwarfing his normal lvl.

not to mention that the vaults of Asgard (not the one from the movies) holds other weapons, like Megingjord which dobbles the wielders strength (Thor havent used it for the last decade or so, but in a galactic war, it could prove most usefull ;) ) the Odinsword (not the one used by the destroyer, as it was melted by the celestials, but the one used against Cul), the norn stones (if karnilla/ loki doesnt possess them atm.) and so on.

Futher more, Asgard atm has denizen like Cul, which is slightly below Odin (when Odin possess the Odin force), Thor (which, if you about his current feats is of planet busting strength (just watch his battles with gorr) and able to take multiple shots from the celestials, not to mention that he has other powers as well), Hela, which is the goddess of death, and posess the power of a regular hell-lord (low- skyfather), Vidar (which is unbeatable if he wears his sandals btw), Loki (which Silver Surfer described as being able to "decimate a planet", Karnilla (which is described as the 2nd most powerful magic user in all the 9 realms), Frigg (thought Odin how to do magic), Amora (sometimes described as Lokis equal), not to mention the likes of Sif, Freya, Frey, Brunhilde and so on.

Futher more, if you read Thor#(3 or 4) you will see that asgard possess a lot of mages amongs their ranks, and they also possess an army of considreble might(although vastly outnumbered by the skrulls and Kree) I mean, they literary fought all the then 10 realms (before Odin desided to remove Heaven and make it 9 realms), until Odin regained the Odinforce and won the war by himself. if you look at fear itself, you will also see that Odin was about to use his army to kill every single being on earth, including all the heroes of earth, and they were able to hold of both empires for a time ;)

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True, all true. Problem is that's not what the rules of the battle stated by the original poster.

Besides even if we included the Odin Force, the Skrulls had at least 1000 gods under their rule (in other words the gods of the pantheons of the races they conquered). Now it's shown in the Skrull Invasion, that only a few of those gods actually did battle with the God Team. In the Chaos War though, you could see the devastation that army of gods could do across the cosmos.

Second, I mentioned Skrull Eternals. Only one alive by the 21st century who became a god and co-ruler of the Skrull Pantheon. Being from a race of Eternals it is to be expected that they numbered in the 100s minimum, more likely in the 1000s to 10s of thousands based on other Eternal worlds and cities shown in the comics. That means an army of beings that can be destroyed and then reconstituted, an army of beings who can form an Uni-Mind.

Third, there is the problem of Skrull magic. We have seen that they are able to create Super Skrulls using a combination of technology and magic that makes them undetectable to technology, psionics, & magic. We have also seen that the darkest elements of Skrull magic is the basis of the dark magic of the Dire Wraiths - the most evil and most powerful race of alien sorcerers.

Fourth, there is the Kree God Whisperer which is exactly as it sounds. A device the size of a backpack that can manipulate and take control of a god - used on both an Asgardian god (Hela) and an Eternal, and in the last issue it showed the device being used on Galactus himself.

Fifth, the Skrulls have awesome weapons of mass destruction. Cannons the size of big howitzers that from the Andromeda Galaxy can destroy Earth or something as small as an orbiting satellite over Earth. Satellites on asteroids again in the Andromeda Galaxy that can project a beam of power to Earth to boost the power of a Super Skrull. Able to tap into the energies of another dimension and then unleash it all across the universe, the Hyperwave Bomb.

Sixth, the Kree also have awesome weapons of mass destruction. They have the omni-wave projector that has been shown in alternate universes, that when used as a weapon (rather than a communications device) can destroy a whole armada instantly & destroy planets in other galaxies. They also have also mastered technology using energies from the Negative Zone, as in the Nega-Bomb (Shi'ar invention which Kree later possess) which devastates a galaxy.

Seventh, the Cosmic Cube. This weapon gives anyone the power to destroy, shape, & create worlds, galaxies, and even the universe itself. We saw the Red Skull use it on Earth. We read about an ancient Skrull Emperor using it on the Andromeda Galaxy. We know that the Beyonder (who was one half of the Cosmic Cube, the Molecule Man was the other half), used it on the universe.

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@royharperblow said:

Battle Throughout the 616 verse.

All Bloodlusted.

Skrull and Kree have everybody.

For the asgardians no being above odin is allowed.

No Odinforce.

Winner of this match up goes on to face the white and green martians from the DC Universe.

Who wins and goes on to the 2nd match up.

Lololol No Odin, but you are allowing 2 Odin level Skrull gods one of which killed Demogorge and those two also rule more gods than all earthly pantheons combined.

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not sure