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- Current/Modern Skeletor

- Joker can use all feats from pre- and new-52, as well as the Rocksteady games

- In character

- 1 month prep


Both Skeletor and Joker are placed in New York City, alone, without henchmen. They have a single month to amass resources and henchmen, but CANNOT AFFECT ONE ANOTHER DURING THIS MONTH. For the entire prep duration, the city is theirs, unless their actions would affect the other. At the end of the month, war is declared.

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Skeletor easily.

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Unless Skeletor has been massively downgraded in his current incarnation...I don't see how Joker has a chance here.

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@Shawnbaby: Joker has faced beings of higher power level than his own before and come out on top. Mr. Mxyzptlk comes to mind.

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With one month prep Joker can make some gadgets and traps.

With one months prep Skeletor will create a ritual to wipe Joker out.

Skeletor wins.

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Skeletor with little effort.

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spite battle flag

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