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Siryn is more versatile in her power as well as more potent but BC is a superior fighter.

I go Siryn

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you got with her?

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your dream?

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i swear to god one of these days

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Black Canary wins. Apart from the supersonic scream, Black Canary has the better fighting abilities. She can't lose.

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Siryn can fly, has super hearing and has that sonar thing, can shatter or liquefy solid objects and deflect projectiles and energy beams with a scream of the right frequency, and she has the voice-induced hypnosis and the sound-proof bubble.

Siryn knows how to fight too considering her time under the criminal tutelage of Black Tom, with her father, Banshee, a police officer and former CIA agent, and her time with X-Force as James Proudstar's girlfriend. Because of her powers and the current writer of X-Force (I think it's Peter David), you just don't see her fight as much as she used too.

In terms of a hand-to-hand battle, it goes to Black Canary but under normal circumstances, it goes to Siryn.