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no prep

moral off, blood off.

sir christopher lee can take any of the roles he has had in movies

battle ends in ko or incapitation

battle takes place in london who wins?

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Pre-Crisis Christopher Lee obviously stomps, but if this is supposed to be the New52 version I'll need scans of feats. Does CL get access to all his tech in the Lee Cave or is this a random encounter?

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yeah, this is spite

Christopher Lee stomps

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What if if Christopher Lee has been Darkseid all along? :(

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they'll just drink tea together

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Darkseid omega beams are no match for Sir Christopher Lee's super stare!!

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He sings this:

Loading Video...

And Darkseid relaxes and listens to the melody.

Stomp by default.

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an imaginary thing is never beating a real person. Lee, spite.

That being said, a rather interesting guess is that op is an alt.. the name, the typical topic, and the specific images of darkseid.. remind me of someone.. and for that, saruman solos :D

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They wouldn't fight. Lee and Darkseid would team up to wreak havoc across the universe. The uniting of two of the greatest villains of all time would be too much for any force of good to stand in their way.

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The 2 become one when Christopher bribes people to let him play Darkseid.

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All of his roles get stomped.