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Sing- Sing has the ability to quickly recover from his wounds, no matter how serious they are. Early on, Sing got stabbed by three knives and bitten by two cobras. Having hidden in a housing structure of a traffic light for a day, he got out and met a surprised Bone, without a single scratch on him. Later in the film, he broke all his bones and tendons after being mutilated by the Beast. However, he was able to recover in a few hours with the help of bandages and medicine. Another ability of his demonstrated was to move at superhuman speeds, at one point running so fast the Landlady couldn't catch him, going past trucks and cars (perhaps unknowingly), and when he realised his potential, he delivered moves just as fast as the Beast. Finally becoming a Kung Fu genius, he possessed enough strength and skill to defeat all of the Axe Gang, and defeat the Beast with his second ability: the Buddhist Palm, which allows him to release extraordinarily powerful hand-shaped shockwaves from his palms (one of which was powerful enough to smash a multi-story tall hole in the side of one of the apartments (Copy and paste from Wikipedia) Goku- most should know him he could be as powerful as he ws before he met frieza

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lol this is a stomp.

It was amusing reading your post, thanks.

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if this would have being dragonball goku it would have made more of a levelled fight