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Poll: Sinestro vs The Rouges (13 votes)

Sinestro 31%
The Rouges 15%
Mirror Master solos 54%

Fight takes place in Central City


- Sinestro has intel of the Rouges and their abilities

- The Rouges only know Sinestro is similar to the Green Lantern

- Morals on

- Pre-reboot versions of all

- Only the Rouges pictured

- Sinestro has a Sinestro Corps Ring that is fully charged

- Sinestro has 10 minutes to ready himself and prepare (though he has no extra gear) - He cannot level the city


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Feats for Rouges

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I love how 'Mirror Master solos' is always an option

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I love how 'Mirror Master solos' is always an option

Yeah, I noticed that was a common response in The Rouges' threads, so I put it in.

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Captain Cold+Mirror Master+Abra Kadabra=Deadly

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Rafiki solo's via melon painting.

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@comicstooge: Rogues =/= Rouges

One is a group of super villains.

The other is the French word for the color red, and is often used in make up and cosmetics.


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Mirror Master solos?