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sinestro vs blue beetle

morals off sinestro has green and yellow rings at his side

blue beetle has let the scarb take over and is full power

who wins sinestro vs

blue beetle

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I think Sinestro can take this

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So far, Blue Beetle hasn't shown any impressive feats that could put him at Sinestro's lvl but Blue Beetle with morals off is dangerous.

i say Sinestro wins 8/10

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actually thats why i said he lets the scarb take over bc the scarb apprently has the ability to hurt the specter but jamey refused it

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Jaime cannot even hurt Sinestro.

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It didn't say the Scarab could hurt the spectre, it said eventually it could develop countermeasures to rival the spectre, main part being eventually.

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Sinestro. Jaimie has absolutely no chance of beating the Spectre. This is an easy win for Pre and Post New 52 versions of the characters. Sinestro is way too skilled with the ring to lose to Beetle.

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