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ohh.... finally, an interesting match....

right, first of all lets pair these up into skill levels

Sinestro V Kilowog

Nero V John

Sinestro and Kilowog is the main match here and it will be a tough one, but my money would be on Kilowog for the win, he's got the skill and the training to back it up...

Nero and John... now thats the worrying match because it could go either way... Nero does have a bit of extra power but i don't think it will be enough to take John down, John is damn good and he has some serious willpower backing him up...

overall i vote for the green team here, but it will be a close match....

Nero is the wildcard as he is a Kyle level badguy, but i think John and Kilowog could take him


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I think the Green Lanterns would win here as well... but depending on if Kilowog can actually take down Sinestro... this could be a problem. Cause I am not too sure John will be able to handle Nero... not the way Nero has given Kyle Rayner so much hell in the past.. 
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Sinestro and Nero.

Sinestro is a match for Hal and was considered the best GL when he and Kilowog were both in the corp before John ever got his ring.  Sinestro outclasses either of the opposing GLs.  And then there's Nero who gave Kyle good fights and Kyle is also more powerful than either John or Kilowog.

Pretty clear victory for the bad guys if you ask me.