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Battlefield ; The African Savanna.  
Shere is willing to KILL Simba. Simba is willing to knock him out.  
No Morals. 
No Prep. 
Both start 20 ft. apart. 
Who wins? 


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To quote captain Kirk..."KAHN!!!!!!"

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I'd go with Shere Khan, Simba's too good and noble...now, if it were Mufasa or Scar then it'd be a different story

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Simba. Beat Scar plus the Hyenas that;'s enough for me.

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Simba's kinda weak, he actually had a fight with Scar. Mufasa though would take both Kahn and Raja... like a Boss

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Its actually been proven that Tiger > Lion, or at least by expert opinions anyway.

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Unless simba can get his hand on some fire Kahn wrecks him. Kahn would wreck Scar too. Mufasa vs Kahn would be epic though.

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Shere Khan wrecks.

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Gotta go with Kahn too.

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Khan was played by a cooler actor and bengal tigers are more lethal then lions. Khan wins

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Shere Khan