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ss or the lanterns

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Morals on, likely Lanterns but pretty close specially since Kyle for one can manipulate multiple spectrum (btw where is Hal Jordan, i figured they were looked for him, but what happened to Hal? I seemed to have completely missed that part).

Morals off, Surfer nearly every time.

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SS all day every day

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SS all day every day
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I know everyone always makes the comparison, but after years of reading GL books I've never seen anything proving that any GL has even close to the power and abilities to put them on par with the Silver Surfer. This includes Ion.

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@jloneblackheart: Well current Kyle is amped though, with the ability to access green, red, and pink (is it pink, the star sapphire color?).

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@Killemall: I haven't been reading since the beginning of the Third Army arc. But anyway, I guess I should say, any and all lantern corps and their constructs.

I like the Lanterns, I really do. But I've just never seen the necessary range of abilities, durability and resistance to the wide variety of attacks and defenses the Surfer is capable of to think they are even close to the same tier. From what I've read, The Lanterns are at Nova Corps levels (or slightly higher). The Surfer manhandles Nova Prime.

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@jloneblackheart: Well Kyle for one has busted a planet, and unrelated to this battle thread John Stewart recently destroyed Mogo (who now is trying to form back his planet self on his own power level) and i have seen Kyle for one fight pretty powerful being and show some good fire power.

While i would still put Surfer at full potential beyond Lantern, he certainly isnt one to show use a lot of powers with morals on, he never really does, apart from some instances during Annihilation, and he is now back to being the same , less aggressive dude.

I think with morals on it can go either way.

Morals off, we all know what surfer can do.

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@Killemall: Well, Nova (Frankie Raye), has destroyed a star with little effort, and we know she is far less powerful than the Surfer. Kyle destroying a planet is a good feat though, so that's good to know. I created a thread for people to post in, but never got ONE response. 686 views, but no responses. I've read Rebirth, Sinestro Wars, Rage of the Red Lanterns, and every GL and GLC book from Brightest Day on and the best feat I can think of is Kilowog lifting an aircraft carrier with his constructs. I'm always open-minded and I would love to see why so many make the comparison in powers between the two.

It is true, the Surfer does tend to ignore or "forget" what he's capable of. I guess it's the hyperpowered character syndrome, where if he always used all of his abilities there usually wouldn't be much of a threat or story.

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Depends but I'm going to go with ss though good thread though :D

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@Killemall: Green, Red, Blue, Yellow, Indigo and Violet as of issue 14 of GLNG

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Silver Surfer.

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Silver Surfer.
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LOL at the people wanking at the Green Lanterns. Silver Surfer would decimate the entire Green Lanterns within seconds. Plus Power Cosmic is 900x more powerful than any power ring.

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SS all day every day
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SS all day every day
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lol at the person who reckons surfer would destroy all GL's