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silver surfer vs human torch
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wow thats a hard one...... um silver surfer. with out giving the torch time to say flame on.

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This is silver surfer with or without the power cosmic?

if no, silver surfer

if yes, I couldn't decide

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"Silver Surfer with or without the Power Cosmic?"

Why not ask 'Human Torch with or without his powers' as Surfer's powers are as much a part of him as Torch's are, despite what the movie said.

Regardless, I have to go with Surfer on this one, he can fly through a super nova, even with Torch going full nova flame Surfer is unfazed by him.

Silver Surfer merely adds 2 particles of Hydrogen to every particle of Oxygen in the air around Human Torch and douses his flame with a ton of water.

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silver surfer would win hands down. he controls the cosmos which means he can do just about anything, i dont care what the movies or comics say

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Ummm...yeah. This would be one of the quickest fight ever. Surfer waste Torch without trying.

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Why was this thread made? Surfer.

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Sufer will just like Punch Johnny's skull in.

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SS barely

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These threads are ridiculous

I'm not sure Torch can even take Hulk

Here's how the heavy weights go

First you got the lower heavy weight category, people like Rogue, Wonder Man, Zod,  Hulk,  ...some of Marvels books likes to class everyone at 100 tonnes but I don't think it works since even Marvels offical prints get things wrong and DC doesn't class its characters this way
finally if we limited everyone with just bench pressing feats, people like Flash would never be able to beat Hulk with his striking power
anyhow at the lower heavy weight level I would put people like Rogue, Wonder Man,   Iron Man, Colossus, Namor, Sasquatch, Powergirl, General Zod, Hulk....

Then at mid heavy weight you got guys like WonderWoman, Hal Jordan and Superman

Finally you finish with super heavy weights, the people who casually shatter planets and  bust up solar systems the cosmic scales, the guys approaching skyfather levels
Silver Surfer is this kind of super heavy weight

Torch has no chance
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S.S.  will....umm....grab Johnny by the throat and take him higher and higher in elevation until it gets too cold for him to "flame on" anymore, then SS will just drop him back down to earth.  Hmm....where have  i  seen this before ?

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Silver Surfer

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This is ridiculous

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This is ridiculous. Surfer stomps!

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How come this survived so long?

Can a mod please shut this?

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Silver Surfer

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if johnny is a herald, or has the cosmic power rod then this fight leans more towards johnny but barley

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if johnny is a herald, or has the cosmic power rod then this fight leans more towards johnny but barley

Even with cosmic control rod, Surfer should win this pretty easily if he doesn't hold back. Surfer has more and better feats then Johnny. Surfer also has feats of being made a jobber on rare occasions where someone of cosmic powered Johnny level could win, but I would only give Johnny 1/10 in this fight.

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SS without breaking a sweat.

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SS Stomps

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SS, major mismatch.

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SS easy.

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Surfer rules this one !