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No morals on,no bfr. Fight on mars.,,vs,,,

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EDIT: BA and CM win but marginly, very close fight.

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To be honest, I think one of them would be a good enough match for the Silver Surfer since they don't have any real weakness Silver Surfer could expose like Superman.

Unless if Silver Surfer could TP them into saying Shazam. But I don't know how magic works with that. Magic has always been a good match up for the power of cosmic.

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Black Adam & Captain Marvel.

Either one would give challenge already, together they win.

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BA and CM

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Black Adam can possibly solo in a tough fight already. Adding CM will complete the deed.

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SS stomps. Morals off these 2 are screwed.

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SS wins, the only reason Thor wins against surfer is his energy manipulation. These 2 have thor lvl strength and greater speed but they lack the energy manipulation.

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The 2 of them together will win this, I also think that Black Adam can beat SS on his own. Captain Marvel will fight SS to a stalemate.

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hmmmm... Im tempted to say SS... I feel like he could just grab them and suck the power right out of them

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Silver Surfer stomps. He's fought much worse and having his morals off just makes him just dangerous...

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SS kills them those who say ba solo i suggest you read some Silver Surfer and Cap Marvel to stalmate SS?I doubt you know a thing about SS.Their strength won't make the difference and Silver Surfer is faster than them.

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Silver Surfer is overrated.

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@Lone_Wolf_and_Cub said:

SS stomps. Morals off these 2 are screwed.
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@Killemall said:

@Lone_Wolf_and_Cub said:

SS stomps. Morals off these 2 are screwed.
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Im sorry, but SHAZAM

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Team ftw

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Silver Surfer stomps