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Round 1: Morals off, No prep

Round 2: Morals off, 3 days preparation for both of the teams

Round 3: Same as the 1st round, but movie versions of the characters

Fight takes place in an abandoned city. Start 100 feet apart.

Win by death, K.O. or incapacitation

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Is any of the Asgardians powerful enough to get past Sue's force fields? I'm not too familiar with them. Either way, Morals Off Sue is scary, can't she just create a force field in their heads or something? As for round 2, Reed+prep is extremely dangerous, I think FF have this one. As for round 3, I havn't seen any FF movie (shame on me) so IDK.

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ff all 3 rounds without much trouble.

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FF all 3 rounds morals off sue is a beast and the thing is stronger than the asgardians. Round 2 is a crazy stomp for FF and I Im pretty sure the FF could take the movie version of the asgards