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- I know this may be odd but assume its possible.

- If you guys saw the Damian Wayne thread this one is a little different, but the Procedures are all the same.

- Shrek and Donkey are picked to represent District Swamp

- They go through the Hunger Game process until the event occurs.


1. How would Shrek and Donkey be ranked

2. If faced with the same guys from the movie, would they beat them out?

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a ogre and a donkey vs deadly trained hunters...seems legit

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Who are all 2ft smaller than Shrek, and he has Donkey.

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Remember Shrek has taken on Fighters, Hunters, princes, on the human lvl so this should be good for him, especially since Donkey's his companion.

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they would prolly eat the deadly berries and be dead

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are you kidding me everybody knows donkeys are not real

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No, shriek can pretty much eat anything

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Can the team wear armor? If there are any crossbows then Shrek might have trouble. I imagine donkey kicking the kids' brains out. He's 2 Fast 2 Donkey!

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Shrek on Donkey. the kids only trained for like a week or less.