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Entry 0 You and a friend in super suits using a fps game like interface(like your playing Halo), you have movement boost and jump boost

Entry 1 John shepherd and Master chief

Entry2 Samus and Megaman

Entry 3 Snake and Raiden

Entry4 Green arrow and Hawkeye

Entry5 Boba feTT solo

Entry6 Cyclops solo can only use visor

Late Entry

Entry 7 Deadpool and Deathstroke

Entry8 Batman solo with batarangs only

Entry 9 Punisher and Nick fury

Entry10 Deadshot solo

Entry 11 Spideman solo web only

Round 1 no grenades or rocket launchers.

Round 2 granades and rocket launchers.

They start a good distance away unarmed weapons scattered about the map.

Map an abandoned city.

Each round is 1 hour.

At center of map is a giant spider robot guarding a invisibility suit.

Vehicles included, yeah tanks too.

No physical contact, no h2h, only ranged.

Any good shooter or sharp shooter can be placed as a late entry.

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@DarkKnightDetective: no

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Ultimate Hawkeye?

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Wesley Gibson and Bullseye!

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Snake and Raiden displayed some intense teamwork at the end of MGS2, but unless pretty much everyone teams up against him all at once, I doubt Spider-Man gets tagged at all. He should win solely for the fact that he dodges everything.

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@nickzambuto: deadshot could tag him, he has hit speedsters, and the webbing distance for spiderman is limited, i think it really depends on the starting distance and the scenario.