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Sasuke (Current), Hiei (S Class), Zoro (Post Time Skip), Ichigo (Final Hollow Form), Inuyasha (End of Series), and Black Star (Current)

Thor, Hulk, Namor, and Iron Man of Marvel Now.

  • In Character
  • Morals On (If they have Morals)
  • Random Fight
  • Battle on a Indestructible Deserted Forest Planet
  • Start 100 Feet Away
  • Who wins.

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What are some feats for Hiei and Black Star?

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@tshock: Hope this helps.

Black Star:

Black Star's Durability

Black Star was able to take in an attack that was capable of leaving behind a giant mushroom cloud with only minimal injury to his insides:

Black Star's Speed

Black Star can amplify his speed to the Speed of Shadow, which is pretty hard to quantify. However, it's in the massively hypersonic stage, as his after images, in this form, have mass. Because of this, he can use his technique to make his afterimages function as if they are separate versions of himself..

Black Star's Reflexes

Even without any amplification other than those normally given by wielding his weapon. He can not only dodge, and block light beams. He can actually catch them, and throw them back at his opponents. Meaning he has lightspeed+ level reflexes (catching light beams, while impossible, would put him well above merely dodging and blocking them, which just require knowing trajectory).

Black Star's Strength

Capable of catching, and throwing one of the Moon's Teeth. I did a rough estimate at one point and wound up with about 60 tons, and that's with some pretty heavy lowballing. He was also capable of throwing it several hundred meters. So he's probably in the 100 ton range.

Black Star's Striking Power

Black Star is the only one capable of damaging the previously though to be indestructible Black Blood. He also can perform powerful energy beams, and has limitless cutting power with his weapons.


He can also easily change from one technique to the other, seemlessly. Making anything from ranged, melee, defensive, clones, shadow manipulation, speed boosts, etc. etc.

Over and above this he can erect barriers, and create traps, smoke screens, etc.

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All from @floopay


Here some Hiei, however he is alot Stronger when last seen. These are mostly Early Books and Dark Tournament.

Hiei vs Seiryu.

Seiryu is a Demon who can throw 100 punches of near zero temperature with accuracy, at speed so fast it looks like he throws one punch! Hiei cuts him him 16 pieces before he could throw the first punch.

Hiei fights Bui.

Bui is a 50+ toner and without his Armor faster than Hie in the fight vs Seiryu. Hiei at this point masters Dragon of the Darkness Flame that grants him 10 times power and beats Bui down easy.

The Aftermath of the very brief battle.

Also Hiei possess the Evil Eye. It allows lesser Mind Control, Curse Bindings, and doubles his stats.

Mind Control.

Curse Bindings and Spirit Sense.

Here Hiei is getting bested in Speed by Yuske.

Then he goes all Evil Eye and Yuske cannot keep up.

Hiei battle with Peach Boy. In it Peach Boy is immune to Blades and Fire by his power. The Sword of the Darkness Flame cut thru like butter.

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Inuyasha dang near solos. Thor is the only threat here. Essentially, this is Thor vs. the Team, and Inuyasha takes care of the rest in all of one or two swings.

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Yeah dog boy can solo

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Why even bother including the tin man? This is an anime stomp!

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As soon as the fight starts, Iron Man and Namor die. Inuyasha sends Hulk to hell. And Sasuke and Inuyasha use their combined hax to put down Thor in a very, very, very tough fight.

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No one else?

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Yea no one on Team Marvel is fast enough to tag most of the Anime Team if they don't mess around. Thor would last the longest but even he would fall eventually.

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cant thor bfr them?? think namor could drown them too if he makes it into the water.

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@momo111191: Unlikely since their combat speed surpass Thor and Namor. It's also in character so i doubt Thor would use teleport.