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Team One Piece: Ace - Mr. 1 - Moria - Lucci.

Team Naruto: Might Guy - Tayuya - Gaara - Suigetsu

Team Fairy Tail: (Reborn) Racer - Kagura - Aria - Laxus.

Team Bleach Society: Ishida - Toshiro - Renji - Rukia.

• 1st team and 3rd team get 1 hour prep. 2nd team and 4th team get 30 minutes.

• Must work as a team to beat other teams. Team chemistry is Equalized.

• Everyone is in character.

• All power is neutral.

•No game breakers.

• Location: Huge Forest in Skypiea. Each team is 150ft from eachother.

Who wins and why?

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Guy goes 7th gate and solos the majoraty and garra moves an entire desert to snuff out ace

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How are they hurting Ace?

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@dbvse7: Just saw bleach

runki goes absolute zero Banki and solos hard

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missing the in character part lmao and i forgot to mention Ace can be touched by physical attacks.

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Rukia solos

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Gai, Luxus, Lucci and Racer are the only viable candidates for victory here. If its speed, Laxus tops. A close match of Laxus vs Gai.

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Uhh, Wouldn't Races Time Manip solo here?

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I know nothing of Fairy Tale, I'll hold off a decision until I see some of their feats.

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It's funny how each team has at least one way to potentially end this instantly.

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@nickzambuto: True but the only ones who could wthout hurting, putting the whole team at risk their team is Ga, Lucci maybe Ace and Kagura. As fighters in character thats not really their style well maybe not Kagura cause she doesn't hold back but yea.