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Both have full knowledge of each other abilities

Both characters have 20 mins of prep

They start 100m away

Win by KO, Incapacitation, Death

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Hmm..Shikamaru can win this.

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Shikamaru can win if he keeps his distance and makes good use of the surrounding environment, if this fight takes place in a forest then Shikamaru has a greater advantage.

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shikamarus a genius and a great battle tactician. but his shadows cant touch spiderman, his spider sense would alert him to the danger and hed dodge. peters stronger and faster and his webs are direct and dont rely on shadows being around.

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Spiderman is also a genius and not a bad tactician either, giving him knowledge of Shikamaru's abilities means Shikamaru isn't going anywhere near him, judging by the fact he can stay off the ground quite easily.

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Seriously? shikamaru loses.

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@zr0c00l: This.

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Location? This could help or harm Shikamaru.