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This is ONLY in reference to the world of Vampire Diaries / True Blood. Keep it completely in respect to those books / tv show.
I'm just curious about overall power levels. Who is overall the most powerful supe? I know a 3,000 year old vampire is extremely powerful, but what about Britlingens? Aren't they supposed to be even more dangerous than any vampire? What about a full-blooded fairy, would they win in a fight against a vampire?
Also, in these books, it feels like Weres are laughable at best. They only get mildly strong when they can take some V, otherwise they're no stronger than a normal wolf, and would be screwed against any human with a weapon. I feel like there's zero respect for a shifter like Sam, who can turn into ANYTHING HE WANTS. I mean, this guy became a freaking BULL and stabbed Maryanne through her chest. If he wanted, he could just shift into a damn polar bear and kill 10 weres by himself. Or he could change into a hippopoatamus , and I bet most vampires would have a hard time trying to injur a raging hippopoatamus.

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