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London has had a string of murders identical to the Jack the Ripper murders in 1888. The chief of the Scotland Yard calls in Sherlock Holmes, but is surprised to find two of him.

The two Sherlocks are now competing, trying to see who can solve the crimes and find the culprit first.

Sherlock Holmes(BBC's Sherlock) as played by Benedict Cumberbatch


Sherlock Holmes(Elementary) as played by Jonny Lee Miller

Both of them have their respective Watsons assisting them.

Who is the superior Sherlock Holmes?

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@princearagorn1: Yea... I copy/pasted this from a rumble I made on another site. I had the exact same thing pointed out yesterday as well, on that site -.- I just forgot to fix it. Thanks though.

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Robert Downey Jr Sherlock wins

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Sherlock from BBC would win, he strike out a lot smarter anyways.

Although for the Elementary Sherlock he has an advantage, John Watson herself is better than Sherlock counterpart.

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sherlock holmes ftw