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Morals are on, no prep

Fight takes place in an abandoned New York City

Who wins and why?

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Magneto easily. He's fought bricks a lot. In this case all he has to do is wrap her quickly in some metal and fly her away to win via BFR. But even without that, he'd win. He can fly in the air, and all she can do is toss stuff at him. He can surround himself with a forcefield she can't break. Then he can just pelt her with stuff until she eventually succumbs.

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Magneto. Strong forcefield and he's a threat to entire teams such as the X-Men and Avengers.

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Magneto wins, of course.

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Current Magneto would lose since he's much weaker than before.

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Magneto easy

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Magneto should stomp.

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Magneto easily

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Current Mags might lose, Classic Mags stomps.

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She-Hulk would slaughter current Magneto from what he has shown. Classic Magneto would in turn wreck her.

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This is what I was thinking. A friend of mine told me that he once forced the blood in her arms back toward her heart to keep her from beating him to death. Is that true, or do I need to take this guy to the woodshed for lying to me?

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current idk.

classic magnito whoops

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Okay. I think I owe my friend an apology now...

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Mags ftw

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How does Magneto not win this ?

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Magneto takes this.

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