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Takes place in Hawaii on a beach. Shazam is over the water and aquaman is in water. Superman is with batman on the beach. Oh and supes and batman have had 2 months of prep and they knew who they were up against. Who wins? It can be death or just knocked out of the fight. Aquaman has his magic hand and he can swim under to get kryptonite but it takes an hour to get the kryptonite. Batman has whatever gadgets he prepped with. Shazam is raged by supermans control over everyone and has all of his shazam powers. Be detailed with how the winners won!

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Shazam and Aquaman FTW, especially if it's in Hawaii and surrounded by water. IIRC Aquaman has been able to drown Batman pre-52, but as of the New 52 he saves him from the trenches in depths of the ocean. However, Batman is unable to breathe underwater, not without his rebreather; but considering he has prep, Bruce is well informed that this fight might be taking place in the water. This does not override the fact that Aquaman is far more superior than Batman while in the water, so if Aquaman gets him into the ocean it'll be close to an end for Bruce. Shazam could hold off Supes until Aquaman gets a hold of the Kryptonite. Aquaman pretty much solos.

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@raw_material: if there was no kryptonite do you think they would stil win?

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Team 2 with Supes as the MVP.

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Team 1 with difficulty. Sazam can hold off superman long enough for aquaman to beat bruce, but I think it'll be very close.

However, part of me wants to post that injustice video of Supes vs Shazam...

poor, poor shazam...

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superman and batman.

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Shazam solos.

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Superman solos. He has 2 months for some sundipping and can just use Heat Vision for the water frying Aquaman.

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Aquaman and Shazam!!!

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Shazam solos.

.....huh? Billy is not beating Superman.

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Team 1

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Team one.

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I'm not sure Captain Marvel can hold off Superman for an hour...

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Uhm, this is weird. Why does team 1 get prep? Why would it take Aquaman an hour to go underwater for.kryptonite? Shazam can hold Superman on his own, meanwhile Aquaman either uses the water hand to drown the beach and Batman, or just give him a seizire right off the bat. And the same.could arguably happen to Superman since Aquaman has controlled his motor functions once before.