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@devil_driver said:

Nick I never claimed that Shao Kahn has superhuman stats, it's listed in the bio and on the mortal kombat wikia and heavily implied that he does, you are being incredibly obtuse here, you keep going on and on about "on panel" how many Mortal Kombat comics are there to begin with? like 17? and how many of them feature Kahn prominently? the problem with entertaining a fight between a comic book character and a video game character is that games don't always go into exact details about how strong someone is, if you disregard gameplay then there is honestly no point in even having the discussion as that is where a majority of the characters impressive feats occur, Kahn hitting people with his wrath hammer and them exploding into goo is obviously beyond what peak humans are capable of doing, but we are going to disregard that because the game doesn't go out of it's way to state it in writing or a cinematic?

Kahn absorbs the souls of those he defeats and he gains the power of each of those souls after absorbing them, he is over 10,000 years old and has conquered countless realms, absorbing many souls during that time period, if you want to call it conjecture and say none of this is on panel, again theres no point to the discussion because his comic book appearances are very limited to begin with.

Here is an alternate wiki link that showcases his abilities and has some scans at the bottom under the references page, http://animeshowdownold.wikispaces.com/Shao+Kahn and another here with some more detailed information http://www.obdwiki.com/character-profile-shao-kahn/ now you are right I cannot 100 percent verify these as fact, but I have yet to find a description of Shao Kahn not possessing Superhuman stats, so apparently even if it isn't stated most people who write these things have picked up on the fact that it is heavily implied.

I suppose at the end of the day it's just my feelings on the matter, you ask for only on panel feats, Kahn is a video game character, I believe Bane is way out of his league here, as would be Batman or any peak level character, based on the information I have access to. To me it's laughable that you say Bane holding his own against Batman is a better feat than anything Kahn has done, when Batman manages to conquer and subjugate one realm let alone many, and absorb the souls of those realms, you can get back to me about what is impressive, because as it stands, your sense of impressive is lackluster in my opinion.

To Viper, no I have not read that book, I'll have to look into it.

1) You claim that I'm being obtuse because I don't accept information that is pull out of a wikipedia or heavily misconstrued, but yet you have no evidence for these supposedly superior stats that Shao Khan and Goro have. The recent Mortal Kombat game is full of cutscenes (approximately 2 hours worth) and every character has a somewhat elaborate biography, so don't blame me for most of the characters have mediocre showings. Again, we make claims based off feats and on-panel evidence in the Battle Forum, not conjecture and opinion. I'm using the term on-panel in the sense that we actually see what takes place via cutscenes. You can't appeal to gameplay mechanic because it has shown to be inconsistent in terms of character capabilities, and is created from the standpoint of player entertainment and character functionality. I find it funny how you guys have to defend how you all can't post on-panel feats to substantiate you guys claims, and I and everyone else should just take your word on the matter. So, if you guys can't post on-panel feats then what is your justification for claiming that Team 1 wins?

2) How many people's souls has he officially absorbed? His age is irrelevant because that hasn't stopped characters a fraction of his age from defeating. Shao Kahn has never directly participated in the conquest of other except during the invasion of Edenia where he killed King Jerrod off-panel. We aren't using his feats from the comic books because they are non-canon. We are mostly likely using his most current incarnation which was presented in the most recent game.

3) I don't use information from wikipedia's because they mostly consist of fan based opinion and plenty of conjecture, so instead of pulling all of your information from wiki's why don't you go directly to the source material i.e. in-game footage to support these claims instead of other people's opinions. Again, Shao Kahn struggled for an extended period of time to get Liu Kang off of him when he got pounced on by him. I would hardly call that superhuman by any standards.

4) Again, you claimed that you don't have on-panel feat, so please tell me how do you come to the conclusion that Bane is out of his league when his physical stats and fighting prowess is superior based off of objective evidence. Batman has better strength feats than Shao Kahn such as punching a Talon through a heavily reinforced door, bending the barrel of a gun, ripping the bars out of a jail cell with his hands, punching through bulletproof glass, and etc. What has Shao Kahn done that is remotely comparable to all of that? When has Shao Kahn ever directly participate in the conquest of other realms outside of Edenia? How many souls has he absorbed because unlike Shang Tsung he doesn't need them to sustain himself. If you think beating a featless character off-panel is impressive than you are the one whose impressive is lackluster.

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Shao Kahn, obviously. I signed up as a member on this site for the sole purpose of posting the following:



Legit info about both Raiden and Shao kahn.

Raiden is a sick fighter with a dozen fighting styles, and is made of godly energy. Dude is a God.

Shao kahn defeated Raiden. Shao kahn is ALSO a god.

Shao kahn have the power to become a beefed up Demon-hydra. Not something to giggle at. Shao kahn is also 8-10.000 years old, and also made by some fancy energy in his natural state. He's been fighting this whole time, mixing the mastery of his fighting abilities with magic which he also controls like no thing. He's conquered roughly 60 billion souls, and every soul he devours grants him the strenght that the soul possessed. So even if he devoured the souls of 60 billion babies, he'd have enough strenght to smash bane and ras al ghul to bits, pieces and thin air. A GOD that's been fighting for Thousands of years on planets and realms the Marvel and DC universe never even mentioned (In other words he knows fancy shit Ras al ghul and bane never even imagined) wouldn't even use 1% of his arsenal in this fight.

Before fanboy flame begin, watch the videos linked. The team in Screwattack dig up more info than D.E.A. about characters, which makes them legit.

1) This isn't Screw Attack, so those links are irrelevant. The OP sets the parameter for this fight based on the guidelines established in the Battle Forum rules.

2) Shao Kahn isn't capable of morphing into creatures, that was only shown in the movies which is non-canon. I find it funny that you assume that others are ignorant when in fact it is you he needs to thoroughly research the MK lore before spouting off non-sense such as Shao Kahn turning into a dragon.

3) Shao Kahn's age is totally irrelevant since the only feat that he has is beating King Jerrod off-panel who is completely featless, and let's not forget to mention that Liu Kang humiliated Shao Kahn in the Outworld Tournament despite this large age gap. Shao Kahn has never directly participated in the conquest of other realms except the time where he kills King Jerrod off-panel in Edenia, so I am clearly at a lost to understand how that constitutes a note-worthy feat.

4) When did he consume the souls of 60 billion people? Because if I'm not mistaken in the recent reboot Mortal Kombat, Shao Kahn needed his henchman and soldiers to capture Earthrealm citizens while Quan Chi opened a Soulnado to drain their souls.

5) Shao Kahn has never given Raiden any trouble outside of being amped, and to top everything off he still lost that fight.

When Shao Kahn gets some better on-panel feats that don't consist of him beating ambiguous characters then we will talk.

Lol this is funny to me that you think Ra's and Bane can get Kahn? 1st of all what defenses does Bane or Ra's have against soul draining? And the reason why Kahn needed his henchmen to do the soul tornado was because he was also wanting the souls of the dead not just the living, but in other realms he mirged with and took everyone's souls!! Bane could not even beat Shang!! Kahn was amped at the end of MK 9 and your point is?? But just tell me what defenses does Bane have against soul draining?? Sindale could whoop Bane as she did alot of the MK 9 warriors! Bane is a human and as a human he can be hurt, but Kahn is not a human and has more duralbility!! I seen where everyone on here has made a case why Kahn wins and I have not seen you make a case why Bane wins besides him beating another human up!! Next you will say Bane could give the Hulk a run for his money smh!

1) The same lack of defense from soul drain that Liu Kang had when he was slapping Shao Kahn all over place before he almost killed him when he punched a hole in his chest.

2) No, the Soulnado was clearly created to absorb the souls of the living this was clearly obvious when Quan Chi and Noon Saibot were in the graveyard and used one to absorb the souls of some soldiers they have captured.

3) How many souls did he absorb during these conquests?

4) Bane would destroy Shang Tsung just as bad as Kung Lao did when he fought him in a 2 vs 1 where Quan Chi was present.

5) A lot of the fighters that Sindel killed weren't very well established nor do they possess the same extensive combat history as Bane. A case could be made for Sindel giving him a really good fight, but I don't believe this showdown is a mismatch by any means.

6) What proof do you have of Shao Kahn's superhuman durability?

7) My case has been that both Bane and Ra have much superior on-panel showings in terms of fighting prowess and physicality that neither Shao Kahn nor Goro have shown to be able to replicate in their respective Universe.

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@nick_hero22: Well, the fact is that Goro was the champion of the MK tournament for over 500 years. Which means he fought against Earthrelm's best warriors time and time again and prevailed. That's one heck of a feat if you ask me.

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I figured you would say the comics are out nick, with the exclusion of comic appearances and gameplay I will simply bow out of the discussion, as I don't see the point. It's my opinion that Kahns implied power is obviously far above peak humans. but if we are limiting feats to only cutscenes then Kahn is almost featless and a proper discussion cannot take place, even if I had the time to weed through 2 hours of footage I have a feeling you would low ball anything I found, and I'm not about to waste time on what is more and more appearing to be a troll fest of a thread.

This format is not conducive to some video game characters for the sake of debate, as games don't always go out of their way to classify exactly how strong a character is in concrete terms the way comics do.

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Lol, Bane and Ra's get murdered.

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MK team

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@nick_hero22: Well, the fact is that Goro was the champion of the MK tournament for over 500 years. Which means he fought against Earthrelm's best warriors time and time again and prevailed. That's one heck of a feat if you ask me.

The Mortal Kombat Tournament is held once every generation, and those fighters are completely featless in every sense of the word, so I don't see how pointing to Goro defeating ambiguous characters helps your case here.

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that's it?