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 No socery, nor shape-shifting, Cyrax can only use his pulse blade, bombs, saw, and missiles



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Well, doesn't this put Shang Tsung at a clear disadvantage? LOL

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Cyrax wins..

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Cyrax, slaughterality, bombs and meat grinder ends Shang.

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Shang Tsung in terms of H2H, because he still has centuries of thing people are forgetting.

Liu Kang beat him but let's be real...Cyrax is no where NEAR LK's H2H lol but since Cyrax has some weapons that can be a game changer.

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Into the meat grinder you go

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He can't use his meat grinder as the OP stated ^. Just the weapons listed.

But Cyrax does have the edge here concerning bombs, nets etc. In pure H2H I think Shang can match him though. In terms of accessories, powers etc obviously Cyrax has the edge.

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how is this topic not flagged or locked yet?