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Movie Versions. 
Both have a gun and a knife.  
Battlefield: The Prison Courtyard. No prep. No morals. 15 feet apart. This is a fight to the death. Who wins? 

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Shane 10/10 due to superior experience, and accuracy. As much as it pains me to say. I love to hate both of these characters, can't they both die? However since Gov is just showing up in the show, it may not be fair to judge yet.

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Shane for me, Governor got his arse WHOOPED by Michonne, I see the same thing happening in this fight, only he won't have the size advantage.

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After reading the Novel Rise of the Governor I can feel at ease Shane wins handily.

The Governor is nothing more than the wussy ailing brother of the real bada$$ brother that died. He never really shot a gun until becoming Governor.

Shane has experiance and skill with a gun and showed us time and again he should have lived to help team awsome survive the Zombie world. Seriously the dumb b***h that he and Rick fought over is dead. If he was still alive him and Rick would have walked thru that town.

Oh well....