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  • Fight takes place in Daredevil's throne room
  • They don't know who they're fighting
  • They get 12 hrs of recovery after each fight
  • Fight ends by a KO or Death

The Gauntlet in order:

  1. Goof-Offs (Deadpool, Dan and Paul Phoenix)
  2. Young Girls (X-23, Sakura and Ling Xiaoyu)
  3. Big Men (Kingpin, Zangief and Hugo)
  4. Spy Action (Black Widow, C.Viper and Silver Sable)
  5. Flying Dragons (Shang Chi, Fei Long and Cat)
  6. Misunderstood Heroes (Punisher, Cody and Moon Knight)
  7. Assassins (Lady Shiva, Mr.X and Gen)
  8. Bad Girls (Lady Deathstrike, Juri Han and Typhoid Mary)
  9. Blonde Arrow (Dagger, Cammy and Jill Valentine)
  10. Good Work Soldier! (Steve Rogers, Charlie and Chris Redfield)
  11. Heroines (Elektra, Chun Li and Psylocke)
  12. Best Friends (Spider-Man [he won't hold back}, Ken and Iron Fist)
  13. Martial Badguys (Gorgon, Albert Wesker and Taskmaster)
  14. Devil Gene (Devil Kazuya and Devil Jin)
  15. Beyond Human (Akuma and Mantis)
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I'd say the evil team would make it up to Steve Rogers team with no problems, and beat him too. Elektra, Chun-Li, and Psylocke would be close, especially with Psylocke's powers, but nothing Ryu's crazy dark hadou couldn't handle. Hell, I think these guys can handle all of these opponents, we know Evil Ryu can take Akuma. I mean, is there anything these guys can't recover from in eighteen hours?

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Sup man good battle, imo they clear it, lol I have that much faith in Evil Ryu.
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Also we all going to be rocking Devil Kazyua and Devil Jin against Evil Ryu in Street Fighter X Tekken lol, you all know it! fanbois wet dream matchup!
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I'm not sure but i could see them getting until 12. If Danny use the same method he used against DD in Shadowland #5 then he can " beat " DD. 
Then Ryu should go down.