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Random encounter in an empty parking lot. Blood-lust is active.
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Sorry Kitty.

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can kitty phase through force fields?

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Yeah, Kitty should take this...Sue couldn't touch her, and Kitty could phase right through her brain, killing her...or drag her into the ground, and let go of her.

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Unless Sue takes to the sky. She can travel in the air much faster than Kitty can.

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True...but that would be more of a draw than anything else...She still can't touch Kitty, and Kitty can't move as fast as Sue.

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Ebony Bishop said:
"True...but that would be more of a draw than anything else...She still can't touch Kitty, and Kitty can't move as fast as Sue."
Sue might get the idea to blow up Kitty with a forcefield from the inside of her body...I don't know from what distance Sue could do that though...
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Kitty still has to see doesn't she, even when she is invinsible? Can't Sue put her invisible blindfold on her? Plus she still breathes when she is phased so either she has another way of absorbing oxygen or Sue can still pop the ol' forcefield in the lungs trick seeing as she isn't 100% completely intangible.

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No, Kitty is completely intangible while phased -- she used to have to solidify to take a breath, but she lost that limitation in Excalibur -- not sure if it's back...even still, how would Sue know when Kitty went solid and then phased again?

And yes, if Sue was invisible, Kitty wouldn't be able to find her...

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What aboutu the Sue blinding her? Or does her eyesight work in a similar fashion?

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I'm unfamiliar with the blinding...how does she do it? If she slaps it on someone's head, then Kitty can move out of it...including straight down into the ground.

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Well I think she places an invisible shield over the eye. I don't know if its slapped on like a regular blindfold but I am pretty sure its on or slightly above the actual eye ball.

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I think you're talking about when she turns someone's retina (or some other part of the eye) invisible. That would depend on if she can turn things that are intangible invisible.

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Invisible Woman

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Yeah thats what I was talking about. Well I was rationalising it as Kitty can still see when she goes intangible so light would have to hit the eye for her to be able to see otherwise she'd go blind as soon as she went intangible as it would pass straight through her.  Unless her sight functions in the same way as her breathing as in, it works regardless then it wouldn't work. Otherwise if she is blind then I doubt she would risk phasing unless she winds up in a wall or something.

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Can Kitty phase through force fields. I don't think she can phase through bended light.

I love Kitty and all but I think nowadays, before Whedon shot her off into space, her natural form is her phased state after that Mutant Massacre thing and she consciously chooses not to phase. And when phasing, especially through solid objects, she can't breath. So technically, Kitty doesn't need to breathe in her natural form. And how can you generate a force field and blow something up that is physically and molecularly not there?

But yet, the thing is can Kitty phase through a force field. Sue's force fields are made out of warped light energy made tangible. Wouldn't the energy she phased through disrupt her intangible form?

However, Sue can levitate on a levitation disk or something and get around in the air, must faster than Kitty could. And Kitty technically wouldn't be able to find Sue if she turned invisible.

I need to rethink this.

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kitty!!!!!! my baby kicks @$$ lol :p

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Well, what if Kitty has her best friend with her? Lockheed could sneak attack Sue. I'm not sure of all of his abilties but he is smart and damn powerfull. I mean Ord of Breakworld wasn't that tough, but he was shitting his pants over Lockheed. That Drangon alien is crazy and i'm sure if he cought Sue off guard, Kitty and him could take Sue down.

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I thinks kittys got this. I dont see sues force fields effecting her in anyway.

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Even if Sue could fly on a disc or construct, can't Kitty walk on air? 
lol this is a difficult match up.one is intangible,the other invisible

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the second the fight starts kitty phases underground, pops up under sue, grabs her by the ankles, pulls her under, and leaves her there

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I think Sue can win this....
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Kitty. Unless Sue goes invisible and avoids her lol.

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This is tough! The Kitten can't be touched and FFer can't be seen... Draw!
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Sue whooped her badly before in Ultimate X-Men/FF series. BADLY.

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yeah but those are the ultimate versions.  so it does not count. the characters are different.
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What about hand to hand, kitty might phase through the force field and wham her one if she can.

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Sue = big stomp

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i thought sue  could block her

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I'll go with Kitty here.

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Does anyone know if kitty can phase sues sheilds?

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@buttersdaman000 said:

"I thinks kittys got this. I dont see sues force fields effecting her in anyway. "

and hand to hand kitty has extensive combat training by wolverine and has ninja skills i believe.
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The real question is "can Kitty phase through Sue's shields?"  If she can, she wins easily.  If not, this could have a few outcomes.  Sue may trap her and get a win via suffocation, or Kitty could pull a "ninja vanish" and outlast Sue.  Sue's stamina is questionable.  If Kitty can make Sue expend energy trying to "brain bubble" her, or trap her while maintaining her shields, she'll be worn out, drop her shields, and from there Kitty can do pretty much what she wants.  And yes, Kitty is far superior in h2h.  She's been training with Scott and Logan since she was 13, and has received training in multiple martial arts during her time in Japan.  She also has all of Ogun's martial arts skills, left over somehow after being dominated by him.  At any rate, whether even if Kitty can't phase through Sue's shields, she should still win majority here, though it will be much closer.  If she can phase through Sue's shield, she stomps.

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Sue's stamina for one is not questionable... she was able to contain Johnny's nova blast, pierce the force field of the Watcher, blow up a celestrial from the inside out, and contain a gamma explosion. soo she won't be worn out anytime soon and sue's shields are up even when she is unconcious. sue's hyperspatial energy block out almost everything.. even matter manipulation from molecule man. i doubt that seriously sue has much more strength of will than kitty and much more experience, she is probably now the strongest Fantastic her fields even pierce galactus (of course it didn't hurt him, but her fields were strong enough to penetrate his strong armor). we also have to take in the fact that Sue will go invisible, kitty wouldn't know what hit her. also if i'm not mistaken, i thought kitty only phases when she see attacks coming or is concious of the danger she's in; i've never known for her to be phased out throughout an entire battle... if that's the case she'll be nearly unstoppable. it only takes one sneak attack for sue to win and since sue's reaction time is much faster, kitty wouldn't have time to phase out and it'll be too late anyways. 
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Sue will just put up a force field around Kitty head and squish it or sufficate her and she is K.O. but, if Kitty can phase through Sue's shield then she screwed........SO! i have no idea lol
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i think in the end sues just more powerful  
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Sue could just use her psionic ability to conrole and minipulate kittys scattering atoms bring them back togethwr to form kitty solid and finish her while she is solid

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Invisible Woman FTW