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Our contestants:

Shadow King



Rules: Fight takes place in the Astral Realm, so no physical fighting, just astral projection. They both don't get outside help, and they can't use weapons are anything, just their minds!

Who wins?!?

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Hmmm...I don't recall Shadow King taking on other-wordly being of this magnitude. I recall his encounter with the goddess Bast in X-Men World's Apart, and he was immediately devoured (but somehow survived it) by her with no problems. I have not seen any TP or astral feats for Mephisto, but I would be surprised that demonic being of this magnitude doesn't have such feats or would be threatened by, even though he is one of the most powerful telepaths, the Shadow King.

I think Mephisto would likely win.

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@THUNDERBOLT30: i agree

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Shadow King is good and all, but he is nothing compared to Mephisto. He wins in a stomp.

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Mephisto is far above Shadow King but it would be an interesting battle. Mephisto wins.

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Mephisto's mind play is so advance, he tricks Shadow King to sell out his soul to Mephisto.

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@mk111: I really wanna punch who ever wrote that stupid pun in the face.

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Mephisto Wins