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Neutral plane

No prep

battle to the death

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Did Tiamat the Dreaming Celestial recieve a powerboost like so many believe or did he simply evolve. The scans that i saw says that Tiamat basicly evolved into having a mind of his own witch is not the same as being the Fullcrums equal.

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IIRC, Tiamut is the Dreaming Celestial sleeping in California's Diablo Mountain. He is nourished by Gaea and I believe he had night terrors of either Set or Chthon and is scared to death of them. Legend has it, that the Dreaming Celestial is the one responsible for the earthquakes and tremors in California when it has nightmares.

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Then i will say Set wins this

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Set ftw.

Older, Stronger, BETTER!

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Set. He has more actual feats, cannot believe that it was possible, lol.

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