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VS ((The Set-UP))

( The Black Citadel, Shadowmoon Valley, Draenor)

(Lord Illidan Stormrage sat brooding alone in his ebon throne room, deep in the upper reaches of the ancient Black Citadel. His eyes burned darkly as he stared into nothingness and ambient energies crackled up and down his tattooed arms as he clenched and unclenched his fists, deep in thought.

The roof of the citadel was open to the lights of Outland's night sky. The stars flickered as clouds drifted past them causing the shadows of demonic gargoyles atop the high walls to dance ominously around the once handsome elf lord. Now consumed by his lust for magic and power, Illidan awaited news of his demon and blood elf troops on the Legion front.

Slowly the gigantic iron doors to the throne room began to open, creaking violently in protest. A tall regal looking blood elf warrior walked briskly up the crimson carpet and removed his helmet before kneeling at Illidan's feet.

"My lord," he said, his head bowed.

"What news, Commander Ruusk..."

Illidan's gaze fell upon the Commander as he spoke, his voice powerful and haunting. The blood elf rose to his feet and met his master's gaze.

"The infernal factories in the valley are being tampered with by both the Alliance and the Horde. Kazzak has deployed Wrathguard brigades to assist in stamping out their presence here. Our warriors and magi are rendezvousing with them near the borders of Terrokar Forest before dawn tomorrow. We will be mounting a full scale assault on both Shadowmoon Village and Wildhammer Keep. Expect nothing but ash and ruin by sundown, my lord."

Illidan sat silently for a moment and gazed at the blood elf. His wings flexed and stretched, almost of their own accord.

"I will indeed expect that, Commander. I am satisfied with your report, finish your preparations," he said.

Commander Ruusk bowed deeply, turned, and began to walk back toward the doors. Suddenly his body jerked as if struck by something and he staggered slightly. Slowly, he changed his course and walked over into the shadows, standing silently with his face buried in the darkest corner of the room.

Illidan raised an eyebrow and rose to his feet.

"You have your orders, Commander," he said calmly, "and if you do not wish to be incinerated you had best carry them out. Now."

Commander Ruusk chuckled softly from the corner. Illidan clenched his fists and two monsterous fiery warglaives blazed into existence in his hands. The fire from the blades illuminated the corner where the Commander last stood, revealing, to Illidan's surprise, a completely different person.

In place of Commander Ruusk, a tall dark figure with long silver hair and a black, armored cloak stood with his head bowed, facing the corner. As Illidan stared in surprise, the man spoke with a deep melodic voice.

"The essence of Jenova emanates from you like nothing I have ever felt."

The man turned and gazed up at Illidan.

"I do not play games, fool. You still live only to sate my curiosity before I annihilate you. Who are you?" Illidan said.

The man smirked slightly.

"I believe you might find that a trifle harder than you may expect, my friend," the man said. "Do you know what those symbols on your arms mean? I am Sephiroth...and I am here for you."

Sephiroth held out his hands and a seven foot blade coalesced into his grip.

Illidan's eyes blazed.

"I know that blade. It is the Masamune. And that means...I also know this 'Jenova' you speak of. She was the first bride of Sargeras. She is known to me as Sha'riik the Sorceress."

Sephiroth nodded slightly.

"I have heard that name. I am so glad that we know each other now. It will make this much easier. The energy that flows within your veins is remnant of a union between your master and my mother, and that is the essence that I seek. Regrettably, you are the one that must suffer for it."

Sephiroth slowly dragged the tip of his sword in a line in front of him, challengingly.

Illidan bared his teeth in a smile

"We'll see about that..." Illidan said.

Without another word, Illidan lunged at Sephiroth and the two clashed violently!

Illidan rained down blow after blow in a frenzy of burning metal matched only by speed at which Sephiroth parried each strike. The ferocity with which Illidan's relentless assault came forced Sephiroth to duck away and disengage.

Moving faster than a striking snake, Sephiroth sprung into the air and launched himself off of the wall, bringing his sword down over his head in a two-handed arc toward Illidan. Illidan raised his blades and parried the blow, the force of which caused him to stagger backward.

The momentum slowed and the two circled each other.

"You are but a pawn of a puppet, demon," Sephiroth said. "You do not even understand the power you struggle so hard to amplify. I shall alleviate your troubled mind."

Illidan growled menacingly. "You are stronger than I thought you would be. Time to show you what true power is!"

"Please do," said Sephiroth, smiling wickedly.

The sound of clashing metal and smell of fire dominated the area as the two resumed their furious battle!)

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Nice write up. I think Illidan is stronger - after all it takes a veritible army to defeat him, not a mere rag-tag band.

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@vampire_batman: A rag tag band capable of summoning monsters and using magic.

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That is one long set up, make it shorter next time anyways Illidan, he is really fast it is told in the lore.

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Illidan wins. Althoug not easily from a wannabe god, but illidan has more to offer than sephiroth.

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I enjoy Illidan, but i'm not sure whom would win honestly.