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The fight takes place at Olympus
Bloodlust on
Morals off
Upgraded surfer
Pre 52
Sentry is not crazy
Silver surfer
Blue marvel
Energy Projection
Captain Atom
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I'd say SS solos, but I don't know anything about New-52 Atom.

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I said pre 52 atom if thts a pic of new 52 my bad but thts my intent was pre 52
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nice picture of silver surfer

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Blue Marvel and Sentry are basically even based on their encounter.

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So, it's basically who is going to take it from SS or Atom? Well, I guess it has to be SS then. Unless Captain Atom has done things I have never heard nor read about, there is no way he can take someone as powerful and versatile as the Silver Surfer.

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docfatalis- Well I'm not so sure about that. It's going to be difficult since BM has limited appearances and a lot of what Sentry has done has been with abilities he doesn't have in this thread, but an argument could probably be made for either. Same thing with SS and CA. I'm not that familiar with CA, but some people are under the impression he can beat SS. This appears to be a pretty even fight that would be a good debater's battle.

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Team 1 wins

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Sentry and the surfer should win the majority

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Sentry and SS

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SS could solo..........

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Team one....Sentry Kills Gods and could probably handle captain atoms explosion after shattering his armor.silver surfer could take blue marvel.

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@YoungJustice said:

SS could solo..........

Yes he can.