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New 52 or Pre 52? Barry or Wally?

Honestly if it's pre 52 Supes solos. If it's Wally, he solos. Even Barry way outclasses Quicksilver, but I think Sentry can beat new-52 Superman, so it'd come down to Sentry vs Barry and I give that fight to Sentry.

Voided Sentry solos any incarnation except maybe Wally, not sure how speed steal would work against a matter manipulator.

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@Dredeuced: Matter manipulation and Energy manipulation is two differnt things. Some guy made a good point where he said that even though he steals your energy it would be that you can't use your powers either. I don't remember exactly what he said but, he amde a really good point.

New-52 superman has better strength feats but, I'm not sure about durability. Void was kille by thor. Explain Voided Sentry powers.

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Sentry/Void solos. Speed steal is ineffective against a character whose molecules are always an instant ahead of the current time line. Quicksilver can go home and watch the fight on the news. Superman and Flash get destroyed here.

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supes could solo.

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Quick silver is a way outclassed in this fight he is much slower than super man and wally even if this is 52.

superman then proceeds to rip off Sentry's arm and beat him to death with it.

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Team 2 quite easily. Quicksilver has no business here. Superman vs. Sentry would be one hell of a fun fight to watch, but adding Wally to Kal's side makes things a bit unfair.

Now, if were using Void Sentry... Well, it'd be a whole different story...

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@tomlikesfries: I think even with void team 2 would still win

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I think we should just use SA superman *Smirk*...