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Okay so I don't know for sure if this battle has already happened or not because my computer is acting up. If so I'm sorry. But who would win in a fight between freddy and Scropion from MK?  
Fight takes place in hell and they start off ten feet away from each other.  And Freddys going to be In Mortal Kombat!
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I think Freddy is a DLC for MK, so anyone with it can find it out. Since it's in Hell and not a dream, probably Scorpion. Anyone else noticing the mass of Freddy vs battles we've been getting lately?

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Well Freddy isn't out yet I don't think. And yeah I've noticed. I just wanted to make this post because I was curious on who would win in an actually fight.
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@GhostRider29: Well, Freddy's greatest strength is his power over dreams, meanwhile Scorpion has hellfire control and they're right at the source. When the Knitted Knightmare is controlling a dream, he's basically unbeatable. Out of it, less so. He's strong, I agree, but a little out of his element.
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WELL, didn't Freddy have telekinesis in Freddy vs Jason?
Then again, Scorpion can summon fire completely out of nowhere around his enemies by raising his hands. It's as if he used his mind to summon fire from Hell itself. What is that called since others said it's not called telekinesis?

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@Reptilicus: Pyrokinesis. Scorp's also got some teleporting, so that can help.
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Either way, neither really seem to die...at least as far as I know... 
Anyway, out of dreamland, I'd have to give this to Scorpion.

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@Sega_Shaman: I believe it's obvious Scorpion will win outside.
But I'm having a hard time believing he'd win inside dream world.
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Freddy hate fire , Scorpion can summon fire. The fights isnt in the dream world its pretty much that simple really. Freddys non dream world feats arent anywhere near good enough to beat Scorpions outside of hell dimension feats.

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Scorpion teleports Freddy out of Dreamworld and punishes him with these badass combos 
And then Finishes him off with this 
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scorpion. his jabs are redic

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Scorpion kills Freddy.

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Scorpion because he's a freaking ninja!! Also because Freddy is nothing without his powers which won't work in hell.