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2 dogs that act like pussy-cats

in a park

at dawn

random encounter

who let the dogs out is playing in the background

who wins?

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Courage. He's faced far more legitimate threats and won. Plus Scooby is typically backed by a posse. Now if he was high on scooby snacks... that might be a different story.

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courage stomps

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Courage with absolute ease, he faces actual supernatural entities and beats them by himself, Scooby on the other hand only fights people in masks and even then, he doesn't defeat them, the teenagers do.

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@the_stegman: Scooby kinda beat that witch..in that movie with Tim Curry.. :D

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how???? sounds like a perfect match to me

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Courage, although I prefer Scooby (still like Courage though).

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Ruh roh Raggy!

Thanks for reading,


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Mystery Inc works great as a detective group. Individually, each member is useless, let alone in a fight.

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@russellmania77: Because it's stomp, but i personally don't take these types of threads too seriously, which is why i like them.

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Courage should handle scooby...

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@soothing_sounds: none of these dogs have ever stomped on anybody. but ya its nothing to take too seriously lol