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The Starheart
Wanda Maximoff
The Starheart in Human form


Wanda Maximoff

you can read up on the Starheart here as i haven't got round to doing the page here yet...

as usual, please use logic and reasoning in the battle and please read up on the characters if you don't know them...

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starheart in a stomp

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The Starheart is powerful but it's been taken down by people at Wanda's level of power before...

it's a battle of reality warpers here


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Really? In a stomp? From what I read on the page I didn't see anything in his powers that would protect him from Wanda. Am I missing something?

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Wait a minute now. Scarlet Witch is powerful too... Starheart wont curbstomp her. They are both solid reality warpers. It cant be a one sided fight