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This would be a weird a$$ battle cuz their the same.Symbiote is stronger but scarlet spider has impact webbing.

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Scarlet Spider did battle Venom, while covering for Peter, and I believe he gave him a bit of a kicking because his Spider Sense worked and he fought differently. Which had him off guard.

How he would fare against a symbiote enhanced Spider-man is a bit different. The symbiote would boost his strength, endurance and recovery. Both fighters would have spider sense making for a protracted fight. Impact webbing is nothing special, certainly nothing the symbiote couldn't counter, so I would give the fight to the ebon-clad-wall-crawler.

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ain't scarlet the original spidy?

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boken says:

"ain't scarlet the original spidy?"

Turned out he wasn't. It was all a trick.

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