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Random encounter

No prep for either team

Full knowledge of their opponents

Morals on


Scarlet spider has his usual gear

Venom has an M60 machine gun (500 rounds) and standard gear

Ultimate Captain America has M12 spaz shotgun (unlimited ammo) and his standard gear

Green Goblin has standard gear plus 2 sonic grenades

KO elimination

Location: Columbus Ohio (each team starts out at opposite ends of the bridge)

This Norman as the green goblin and Kaine as the scarlet spider

Current venom and cap

who wins?

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Kaine could solo. He is a team buster and unlike spider-man he doesn't hold back. He may not have spider-sense but he does seem to have enhanced senses. Venom would probably beat ultimate captain america due to his durability. Not sure if he could take Norman.

EDIT: with sonic grenades green goblin beats venom but it doesn't matter.

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I disagree that Kaine solos, but do think team one wins handily.

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Team 1.