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Each side has 5,000 soldiers. Who wins? 

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@VenomousBane: Hmm. 300 have 5000 soldiers? lol

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^^^ lol ^^^ this fight doesn't make sense,,this should be called 5000 Spartans vs. 5000 orcs, and Urukai ...which is a stomp in favor of the Spartans,,,much less skilled soldiers beat orcs

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@Bane_of_sith: Yup. What if we use 5000 trolls though? lol

Or we could make a new "the slaughter of the 300" Film by using balrogs Just for fun. :D

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@PrinceAragorn1: I changed the number. 
@Bane_of_sith: Yeah thats right. 
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Everyone always talks about how badass the 300 army was. True they put up one hell of a fight, but you do realize that they all died in the end? lol.

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@Vortex13: true, but they all died after causing a kill ratio that was never matched by an other mele force in history. Even when the they were surrounded on the last day of the battle, it lasted several hours, and the Spartans didn't break formation until all of their spears broke; however, they did have about 1700 Thespian Hoplites fighting with them in the end.

At any rate. The Spartans would be able to deal with the Uruk-Hai in nearly any situation. Spartans FTW!