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Dreadnaught says:

"the human Juggernaut says:
"Dreadnaught says:
"the human Juggernaut says:
"so the balrog and sauron can't use the tremendous amount of magic they have at their disposal?"

Yes they can."

then they would win easily."

We've almost never seen Sauron or Gothmog the Balrog go all out in the books. And we only got to see sauron for like 2 minutes in the movie. And I just realized, to kill the witch king you must be a woman and you must not be born from a woman. Eowyn was a woman and her mother died in child birth. So he alone could take this. Samus aran and Boba fett only fill one of these requirements respectively. "

ok. They can't kill sauron or the balrog though.