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Sasuke Uchiha with all feats fights the animated version of the Teen Titans. No prep. Who wins?

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Amaterasu could win it instantly for him, I'm not sure how they'd get past Susanoo at all, and if he could use Kirin at any point that would be overkill to the max. I don't really think they have a chance to speedblitz him at all, are any of them immune to illusions? He could use those as well, not to mention he could see their movements before they make them so I don't see them taking him in H2H, and also he can channel lightning into them and create a lightning blade that could bisect most of them, on top of that he can summon and throw throwing stars at high speeds as seen here http://www.mangainn.com/manga/chapter/83669_reality/page_6

Multiple destructive fireball jutsu's oh man he has so many abilities. I probably made him sound more badass than he is, but then again maybe not, he's not easy to take down, I'm not saying they couldn't but personally I don't see how is the problem

EDIT: I believe to date, no one has gotten past a full power Susanoo in Naruto, he covers it in the Amaterasu flames too so it's basically untouchable by physical means

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Saskue easily due to Amaterasu, Susanoo, Kirin and he could use them more handily thanks to his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan which amplifies his abilities as it also allows him to use his techniques without the worry of sustaining damage to his Sharingan eyes. But Raven could be a deciding and strong factor for the Team.

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I'd really like to see an all out Sasuke vs Raven fight tbh.

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@NeonGameWave: This. How strong is Cyborg?

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@terry2012 said:

@NeonGameWave: This. How strong is Cyborg?

Not strong enough. They can't handle Susanoo, Amaterasu, and Sasuke's ninja tricks.

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@terry2012: Cyborg is pretty tough but I`m sure Saskue would be able to take him out with a Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique or he could use his lightning abilities to overwhelm him.

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@UltimateHero0406: What tons is he in strength?

@NeonGameWave: Yeah I was thinking the same thing, but how many tons is he? Because if he is above 50 tons then he more than capable of breaking Susanoo. Because the Raikage was able to do it with one punch, which is the incomplete Susanoo and not the complete Susanoo. Plus Tsunade is stronger than Raikage and Onoki is stronger than the both of them. Sasuke does have the complete susanoo as of right now.

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Genjutsu takes the stage! Perhaps with prep TT would be able to hold...for a while

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@terry2012: Good points but Sasuke could always uses Kirin to inflict heavy damage and his speed is far greater. I`m not sure how much tons Cyborg is due to the fact that his strength seems to change within the series, at one point he had trouble lifting a 500 pound weight but Cyborg is pretty strong in his own right as he was able to lift up an entire building which is at least a ton. He also was able to catch a bus which was thrown by Starfire and he threw it aside with ease.

4:47- 4:54

5:58 - 6:07

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@NeonGameWave: Okay.

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The Uchiha prodigy wins here.

It's the Mangekyou Sharingan that we're talking about here. If that doesn't convince you as to who wins, then I don't know what will. Cyborg, Robin and Beast Boy won't last long on the battlefield. The only reliable ones here would be Starfire and Raven but mostly the one with the telekinetic abilities.

Sasuke's move? MS --> Amaterasu/Kirin --> Tsukiyomi --> Susanoo

That should be sufficient enough to take down the whole team with a little bit of chakra left to spare. Let's not worry about the health of the eye as we can assume here that Sasuke has already achieved a Perfect MS.

I did not include Izanagi & Izanami into Sasuke's arsenal of moves since we have yet to conclude as to whether Sasuke has those abilities or not. Even if he does, there is still no need for him to go that far for this battle.

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Sasuke takes this with ease.

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Starfire lands one punch or starbolt and sasukes finished. Robin taijutsu is just as good as sasukes (probably better). Sasuke loses.

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@kingsloth: Rotfling at that post dude, *brofist*

Sasuke stomps robin in a h2h fight on account of his speed alone, and with sharingan he is like taskmaster, he will learn robins moves no prob as his moves and stomp robin.

Again, sasuke speed blitz starfire then goes susanoo (its bijuu sized now and has legs) and chops her up

Same thing above to beast boy and cyborg

And he genjutsu's raven then spams attacks at her

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Raven is the highest threat for Sasuke, though Sasuke wins with relative ease due to Ameratzu, and can be perfectly safe within his Susanoo. He also has the speed to speed blits people, and even a chidori is good enough to take out pretty much any TT member.