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Sasquatch versus Wendigo, in the Canadian Wilderness. No morals, strictly physical combat, and to the death.
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21 views and not one comment? Come on, people, you can do this!

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Sasquatch easily

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@VercingetorixTheGreat said:

Sasquatch easily

Isn't Sasquatch in the 100-ton range, too? Because Wendigo is, and I think Wendigo's viciousness versus Sasquatch's intelligence makes common ground for a good battle.
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Wendigo wins this.

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@TheSuperHuman said:

21 views and not one comment? Come on, people, you can do this!

Probley because it's been done before.

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It depends on which Wendigo we're talking about here. The more powerful versions of Wendigo wins, while the weaker ones get owned.

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In a Hulk annual, Sasquatchs' first appearence, Wendigo was puttin' IT all over Sasquatch. Not sure if any has had a power boost since then. Wendigo was basically termed as invulnerable and Hulk class strength as well.

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I can't make a conclusive argument for any character, but for the feats I do know of, I have to say Sasquatch.

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Think Windego from the 90's or earlier should take this...

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Sasquatch should take this pretty easy ... if sabertooth beat wendigo ... he has no chance against Sasquatch, as Sasquatch has the power of tanaraq, an elder god. He is basically a Canadian version of juggernaut ... not to mention he is much much smarter than wendigo.

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Well, Wendigo has been beaten by Wolverine. So if that is the Wendigo we are talking about then he will probably lose here, since Sasquatch actually does have some impressive strength feats (in his first appearance he accidentally tossed a 250 ton air plane into a building after stopping it from taking off).

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Didnt this battle sort of happen in the comics already? I know Hulk intervened but didn't it happen before?

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I have to go with Sasquatch

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