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Rage easily.Better fighter,faster,capacity to be stronger and more durable.

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I think Sasquatch has been around longer and has more combat experience. He has superhuman agility, so that will keep Rage's speed from being too much of a factor, and his claws and teeth may give him a small edge. Also, Sasquatch will start out significantly stronger than Rage (Sasquatch is approx 100 tons, Rage starts out at 75 tons). If Sasquatch can pound on Rage before Rage gets his strength level up (which I believe Sasquatch can do) then I think Sasquatch can take him down.

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Sasquatch should take this ...

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Saquatch. Sasquatch pounds with Hulk and Thing. And he is smart with his strength

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Rage isn't even on his level. Sasquatch has him outclassed, Rage might be able to get stronger but he would be out cold before he gets to that point.