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morals off for both guys

takes place on a indestructible planet

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Well, Saitama as "Onepunch-man" has lived up to the name so far. He's beaten everybody he's faced, including destroying a giant meteor, with one punch without any effort whatsoever. Just putting that out there, not sure who'd win.

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Hulk tanked a punch with the kinetic power of 70 trillion tons and that didn't do sh!t to him, he should be able to tank everything poor man's Ikaku has and then WBH proceeds to beat the life out of him.

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saitama knocks out the PIS hulk

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I lean towards Saitama, I maybe wrong, but just because he has shown feats above supersonic or possible light speed reflexes and speed, and one punched ++++mountain busters without even putting any effort. We can't be for certain of Saitama's full power. Then again, I maybe wrong.

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One Punch man might have to be known as ten punch man for this fight, but I'm going with Saitama. This has the potential to be no limits fallacy vs no limits fallacy though.

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How strong has this guy become? 0_0

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@princearagorn1: He currently lolwtfstomped(like he always does) the monster Garou, who lolstomped all over the hero organization and was the highest level danger threat to date.