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Can Red Hulk with his golden gun stand a chance against the Saint of Killers with his killer gun that's taken out everone from angels/demons to the Devil/God himself? Battle takes place in the Arizona Desert after the Saint has disposed of Starr's army and taken a full Nuke and walked out!!!


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Saint of Killers.

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the creator said:
"Saint of Killers."

Reason being? (not that I don't agree :-)
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The Saint of Killers is apparently indestructible (having even survived a nuke), is immovable and possesses some level of superhuman strength (we don't know the limit) and is an expert marksman, who is armed with a pair of guns that have unlimited ammo, never miss the target being aimed at and are considered a divine weapon that can kill any being with 1shot.

That about somes it up.

Red Hulk leaps over and hits Saint of Killers. Saint of Killers does not move or even react to the blow. Saint draws out his gun and shoots hulk in the head. Game over.

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yeah, this is a curbstomp and a half...

Saint of Killers is overkill for cosmic beings, not a one character rip off like Red Hulk


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Saint Of Killers killed Satan and God of his universe with ease... plus you cant kill or even harm Saint Of Killers... a couple of shot from SoK's Divine Colts and Red Hulk sleeps forever