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Saint of Killers from Preacher


Asura from Asura's Wrath

Both killed there gods of there universes so who wins? personally I think Asura would win (and I think you all can agree with me) but who knows so what do you think?

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SOK one shots him, literally. 
The colts can kill anything except the undead..and last I checked Asura doesn't fall under that category. 

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@Pistolwhip1: I don't, the god in Preacher wasn't at full power as Saint of Killers stated here

while asura's god (Chakravartin) was but who knows nabby the colts can kill Asura.

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SOK wins. His colts are only ineffective against omnipotents and undead of which Ausra is neither thus 1-shot = kill.

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SOK has guns that never miss, never need reloading and whatever they hit dies. He wins

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