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  • Udon Comics Sagat vs New 52 Bane
  • To the Death.
  • Battle in a large cage match, starting 100 feet away.
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Sagat is the King of Muay Thai. Muay Thai is known as one of the most effective styles out there for MMA fighters in the world. Sagat was the greatest known champion of MMA Championships in the whole world. His mastery over Muay Thai is more than enough to beat foes incorporating multiple forms of MAs. He is also Shadaloo's best operative, running whole parts of Bison's organization with no problems. He has shown to always been Ryu's equal in battle, which says alot for the former Undefeated Street Fighter Champion.


Sagat is the King of Muay Thai, but has extensive training as well in Yoga.

1) Sagat as King of Muay Thai remained a undefeated champion of MMA Championships around the world.He has experienced pretty much every form of Martial arts out there, and betean them with his mastery of Muay Thai.

2-3) Sagat mastered to a degree Yoga for his body, and mind. All within a month with Dhalsim.

Tiger Strike

One of Sagat's most powerful moves used for range.

1-2) Sagat obliterates 6 Terracota Stone Statues in one blow.

3-4) Tiger Strike overpowers the Hadouken.

5) Tiger Strike overpowers the Hadouken again, then send Ryu straight through a part of the stone wall.

6) Kills a peak human in one hit.

Tiger Knee

This is a simple powerful air attack move Sagat likes to use.

1) Used to take out Chun Li's father out of a fight for a time.

2) Used to damage Ryu.

3) Used as a counter to Ryu's own kick.

Tiger Uppercut

After being beaten by Ryu's Goshyruken, Sagat figured out how to perform the move in his own way making it one of his most devastating attacks.

Sends Adon flying away, and cratering the earth were he lands. The best part of the Tiger Uppercut is its use in combos like the Tiger Genocide.

Tiger Genocide

One of Sagat's most powerful moves combined in a combo.

This combo combines the Tiger Knee with the Tiger Uppercut. It was close to KOing Ryu even though he blocked every other attacked.

Tiger Raid

Another super combo move of Sagat that involves his best kicks.

This move damages Ryu so much, he could not continue the fight. Hurling him so hard into the solid stone wall to leaves many large cracks in it.


Dan's father Hibiki is a very skilled fighter who wiped out Triad with ease. When Sagat fought him, it was very one sided. The only hit Hibiki got in was a cheap shot on Sagat who tried to show mercy, he only wanted to make a point, yet Hibiki went for his best shot. Sagat ends his life.

Here Sagat faces Chun Li, and her Father, taking both of them down with ease. He is even hit by the Kikoshi which is strong enough to break steel doors down, and suffers no damage. Speed wise Sagat keeps up, and counter Chun Li with no problem.

Sagat first battle with Ryu, Ryu was force to go Dark Ryu to win.

Here Sagat easily takes blows from Adon after his grueling fight with Ryu. He even one shots Adon who has feats of Super Speed and super Jumping in the comics with one blow.

Sagat goes to deliver a message to Ryu. Ryu suspects Sagat as the killer of his master Gouken goes on the attack. Sagat evades Ryu pretty easy.

After his defeat Sagat received training from Dhalsim, and it pays off. He shows many feats of Stone smashing, and stone wall cratering with his attacks. Ryu shows the durability to tank most of these attacks, abut could not keep up with Sagat for long. Sagat finishes the fight with the Tiger Raid, then spares Ryu's life.

After Ryu receaves his own training from Dhalsim does he face Sagat again. Only this time Ryu matches Sagat blow for blow till Sgat again lays waste to him with Tiger Genocide. However Ryu wins the match in the end with his new Shinku Hadouken attack. Sagat here even takes this super Hoduken in stride without being to damage to walk off the battlefield.

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Sagat stomps

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Good fight, Sagat wins.

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Bane's mask look like a Fly

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Sagat should take this

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I vote for:

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Sagat definitely takes this.

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bob sagat hits bane with the meanest tiger knee

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Tiger Uppercut!

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When Bane has Vemon,Sagat will be bleeding on the Floor.

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Man! Those Street Fighters and those KOF'ers are nasty bricks with the skills to go along with it. Great scans, @cadencev2! Bravo!!

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Sagat. I dont care anymore. LOL Seriously could go either way.